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With just a few ingredients you can make tornadoes, build buildings or dig for dinosaurs just like the kids in Moochie Kalala Detectives Club!

Awesomer Eggsperiments!

Yep, we’re talking eggs here. Eggs make for great science, so check it out thanks to our newest partner Nancy B’s Science Club™, an award-winning line of science toys from Educational Insights!

Egg in a Bottle – Nancy B. shows you how a large egg can fit into a small bottle. Watch and do it now!

Defy Gravity – by seeing how an egg can float! Watch and do it now!

Changing Colors - to demonstrate how an acid-base indicator works, and see the the crazy colors you can create with simple household items like lemons and baking soda! Watch now!

p.s. Take pictures of your experiments, and have your parents post them on our Facebook page

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