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The Stars of Moochie Kalala Detectives Club

  • MANDY (played by Evelyn Alumbreros)
  • KYLE (played by Gregory Vasquez Alexander)
  • GRANDPA (played by Tim Kazurinsky)
  • DAD (played by Michael Vincent Carrera)

The Episodes!

Episode #1 - The Space Dragon of Oceanic Mars, featuring the Adler Planetarium

After Grandpa tells his story about a dragon guarding water on Mars, Mandy & Kyle jet over to the Adler Planetarium and meet planetary scientist Mark Hammergren to learn the truth about Mars!

Episode #2 - The Grabinators vs. the Hoagies of Skunksville, featuring Museum of Science and Industry

Did you know that tornadoes are made from grabinators & hoagies? Either did Kyle and Mandy, until Grandpa told his story. To check the facts, the detectives head to Museum of Science & Industry and meet with physicist Olivia Castellini.

Episode #3 - We’re All Good at Something, featuring Lincoln Park Zoo

Mandy think she’s the best at everything until grandpa tells his story about Moochie Kalala in a contest with a Chimpanzee and a Gorilla. To check the facts, she & Kyle will meet Primatologist Steve Ross at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Episode #4 - Cave Girl & The T. rex, featuring The Field Museum

Grandpa’s story puts Moochie Kalala toe-to-toe with a T-Rex! People and dinosaurs did not live at the same time. Or did they? Paleontologist Bill Simpson from The Field Museum helps Mandy & Kyle explore the facts.

Episode #5 – The Magic Blocks of Creation, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Grandpa says Frank Lloyd Wright used magic blocks to build the Robie House. When Mandy & Kyle go on a mission to find the blocks, they uncover a whole lot more meeting architect Royce Yeater.

Episode #6 - A Whale of a Tale featuring Shedd Aquarium

Moochie is rescued at sea by a singing Beluga whale. Once again, Grandpa’s crazy story sends Kyle & Mandy on a journey to Shedd Aquarium to discover the facts from marine animal trainer Elizabeth Davis.