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With Every New Story Comes a New Adventure

We formed the Moochie Kalala Detectives Club to discover the truth behind Grandpa’s crazy stories. Seriously, dinosaurs and people living together? Belugas that sing? Tornadoes that make skunks! We don’t think don’t think so either, so join us on missions to Museums to meet with real scientists and gather the facts. Together we can uncover the truth! Because with every new story, comes a new adventure on the Moochie Kalala Detectives Club!

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Watch new episodes on WTTW Channel 11 on Saturdays at 7am and Sundays at 11am! OR download individual episodes for keeps! Just $1.99 per episode for 30-minutes of fact-finding adventures featuring our great Museums & Scientists!

The Stars of the Show

  • MANDY (played by Evelyn Alumbreros)
  • KYLE (played by Gregory Vasquez Alexander)
  • GRANDPA (played by Tim Kazurinsky)
  • DAD (played by Michael Vincent Carrera)